Policies and Waivers – Bay State Fencers

Policies and Waivers

General Policies

  • Fencers must wear long loose fitting pants, sweat pants during training
  • Fencers are encouraged to wear tee shirts or sweat shirts during training
  • Fencers must wear a complete fencing uniform, including knickers during bouting,
 open fencing, and at competitions
  • Fencers must wear sneakers or fencing shoes - NO STREET SHOES are ever permitted on the fencing floor 
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS other than water or sports drinks are permitted on the fencing floor

Class Policies

  • PRE-REGISTRATION for fencing classes and programs is highly recommended. Space is limited to insure a positive athletic experience. Space in classes and programs is reserved for registered students only. Space is only be reserved with payment in full.
  • TO REGISTER for a fencing class or program or to become a member of Bay State Fencers please register online or stop by during business hours. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason including: no-show, illness, prior obligation or for cancellations made less than seven (7) days in advance of the start of any program. Seven (7) days prior to the start of any fencing class or program registration is considered a FINAL SALE.
  • If you must cancel your enrollment before a class becomes a FINAL SALE you must email us at registrar@baystatefencers.com to be issued a credit, minus a $15.00 cancellation fee for each class or program cancelled.
  • NO TRANSFERS to future programs or dates will be accommodated after the first day of any class or program. Transfers due to injury will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to attend last minute you are welcome to send someone in your place. Please contact Bay State Fencers in writing, by fax or email with your replacement's name, address, phone number and email address.
  • USA Fencing Membership is a twelve (12) month, non-refundable commitments. 
  • Bay State Fencers' Youth Competitive and Competitive Program are available for 12 months, September 1st through August 31st.
  • If Bay State Fencers cancels a fencing class or program for any reason, you will have the option of transferring to another section of the same program or to receive a full refund of all program fees. USA Fencing fees are non-refundable.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: If Bay State Fencers must cancel any class or program due to inclement weather, make up options are as follows: Students may attend the next available section of the appropriate class or program. BSF has multiple offerings of most of our programs, check the online schedule. 
  • Bay State Fencers fencing programs are for student's age 7 and older. Children, when accompanied by an adult may observe at any time.
  • Children under the age of 7 are not permitted on the fencing floor.


  • USE OF IMAGES, NAME IDENTIFICATION: I authorize Bay State Fencers to use images of me and/or my child with and/or without identification for Bay State Fencers publicity, promotional and advertising and release any and all claims and/or rights I and/or my child might have as a result.
  • WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I agree to indemnify and hold harmless, and hereby release, Armoryworks, LLC d/b/a Bay State Fencers and its managers, coaches, instructors, members, guests and other participants, and the United States Fencing Association from all claims, liability, demands, or actions of any kind in connection with my participation in any training session, program, tournament, or other activity that I may attend at Bay State Fencers, or any other athletic or training activities sponsored by Bay State Fencers on or off the club premises. This includes, but is not limited to, claims, liability, demands, or actions for personal injury or property, damage or loss. This agreement shall be binding on my personal representatives, heirs and assigns.
  • ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I understand that athletic activity involves physical exertion and risk of injury, and that the sport of fencing involves aggressive physical contact with other participants. I assume the risk of injury or other medical conditions arising as the result of my participation in any athletic activity in which I engage at Bay State Fencers. I understand that it is my responsibility to wear appropriate clothing to all training sessions. I understand that I am responsible for my own safety and for conducting myself in a safe manner at all times.

Bay State Fencers is a Member Club of USA Fencing.

Safety Rules for all Fencing:

  1. Participants must always be masked when weapons are raised with point forward. This means all occasions, including simple discussions of actions.
  2. Violent fencing actions are not permitted. Each fencer must control parries and attacks so that the opponent is not injured by whipping or hard stabbing actions of the blade. DO NOT cause body contact nor use the unarmed hand against the opponent, the opponent’s blade or to “protect” your target. DO NOT turn your back to your opponent.
  3. Gloves, jacket, underarm protector, knickers and fencing socks (and Mask of course) are required for all bouts and assaults.
  4. Stop fencing instantly if you think something is wrong or if your opponent retreats and waves their unarmed hand or gives signs of wanting to stop.
  5. DO NOT counter attack until you have had ample instruction and are prepared to execute this action. If you counterattack (attack into your opponent’s attack) you are responsible for preventing corps-a-corps, injury from weapons or weapon breakage.
  6. If you think a weapon is broken, STOP instantly.
  7. If you think a fencer is behaving in a dangerous fashion, report it privately to a coach or the director, who will not disclose your identity when they speak to the fencer.
  8. Flèche attacks MUST be made to pass beside the opponent without contact. You are not allowed to execute a flèche until you are able to release/bend your weapon arm the instant your point arrives on target, to relieve the pressure on the point. Initiators of the flèche are responsible for preventing corps-a-corps, injury and weapon breakage. DO NOT flèche until you have had ample instruction and coach permission.
  9. DO NOT remove your mask hastily during interruptions or at the end of the bout. USFA rules require you to get permission from the director/referee before removing your mask when bouts are directed.
  10. DO NOT embellish or improvise with your weapon, hands or body if your instructor invents a special game or takes your group outside to fence; i.e., you must play exactly according to rules established.
  11. Inspect mask and weapons each time you choose them, especially if it is club equipment. Inspect tips occasionally during bouting. Give masks with broken mesh to a coach or the director. Place all defective weapons and broken parts on the armoring bench.
  12. Wear proper footwear; leave your outside footwear in the changing room and wear only indoor footwear/fencing shoes onto the fencing floor.
  13. Pairs of fencers must fence parallel; individuals must take care not to work behind a fencer in combat who may retreat suddenly. Coaches have the authority during open fencing to tell fencers where they can fence or execute drills.
  14. Report injuries immediately to the instructor, coach or the director. In general, it is wise to remain where you are when injured in sports. The staff will contact 911 and arrange for ambulance transportation to the closest treatment facility.
  15. Your instructor, coach or the director is required to make a written report of injuries. This does not reflect on you personally. You will be asked how the injury happened and for your name, address and phone numbers.