Coaches – Bay State Fencers


L. Stacy Eddy, Club Director 

L. Stacy Eddy began his fencing career in college with an Intro to Fencing course, once he picked up a weapon it became part of him; he has also been involved with the Society of American Fight Directors since its inception in the early 1970's.

He owes his dedication to the art of the sword to two Masters; Alex Beguinet, Maitre d'Armes and Head Coach of Duke Fencing and David Boushey, founder and Fight Master Emeritus of the Society of American Fight Directors.

Coach Eddy is certified by the United States Fencing Coach Association (USFCA) and the United States Fencing Association (USFA) Coaches College; he is a Coach of all three weapons, and a Prevot de Armes in Epee. The opening of Bay State Fencers is the culmination of a lifelong passion for and commitment to the sport of fencing. 

Iliya Mechkov, Competitive Program Director

Coach Mechkov grew up fencing in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was a member of their National Fencing team in Epee from 1989-2000. In 1996 he competed for Bulgaria in the individual épée event at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Mechkov continues to compete regularly, in addition he has been known as "Coach" to many fencers over the last nine and a half years.  He has previously coached at the Windy City Fencing Academy and Olympia Fencing Center.  Coach Mechkov is currently based in Massachusetts, where he coaches students of all ages at Bay State Fencers, in Somerville.